About BizMind Academy

BizMind Academy is all about the "Zen" art of doing business.

The BizMind Academy believes in a wholistic view on business, and teaching entrepreneurs to value balance and centered awareness, as they strive to achieve their personal and financial goals through business. 

The academy's classes are geared towards a Zen approach to doing business, focused teaching a holistic view on business and not just regurgitating the "corporate shark" view on business where entrepreneurs step on each other to get ahead, forgo themselves, families and their personal health, all in the pursuit of success. 

This archaic way of thinking is flawed and only leads to more unhappiness. This unhappiness is often experienced not only by the entrepreneur following these archaic practices, who may actually succeed in accomplishing their business goals. But also, this unhappiness is typically also experienced by that entrepreneurs friends, family and loved ones, as so often that entrepreneurs success comes with the entrepreneur having to sacrifice everything, thus losing their health, friends and family on their journey to find success.

There is a better way... and that way is BizMind Academy's principle of "The Zen Art of Business".

BizMind Academy's classes focus on incorporating tactic based classes (Time Management, Starting a business from scratch, Operations, Legal & IP, Marketing, Selling, Writing Copy) along with Zen & Balance focused classes on topics like Mindfulness, Energy clearing, Heart Space Communication, Understanding Your Why, and so much more.

What you do in business matters, but not as much as "how" you do it.

Join us, on our journey to change the world and ground entrepreneurship in the energetic spirit of balance and abundance that entrepreneurship has always meant to be. 

What you will learn

This online training platform is designed to empower entrepreneurs by helping them learn skills and tactics that can quickly be implemented into daily business processes to produce noticeable and measurable results.

  • Entrepreneurship - The Zen Art of Business balanced mindset shift to entrepreneurship.

  • Time Management - An easy 6 step time management system.

  • Business Launch Strategy - A simple 7 phase business launch process, covering all the key areas required when launching a business.

  • Business Plan Strategy - The introductory strategy basics and focus areas needed when creating your business plan.

  • And much much more...

Enjoy Week 1's lesson - Mind Strategy, Mind Discipline & Mind Habit

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BizMind Lessons in Time Management

BizMind Lessons in Time Management

This course covers an easy 6 step time management system to help maintain effective time management and maximize productivity in each day. Learn to use your time wisely and gain efficiency in how you manage your day to day tasks.

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    $499.00BizMind Lessons in Time Management

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Course Bonus Materials

Along with your course curriculum, enjoy full access to:

  • Official eBook

    Download the official course eBook to support you as you work through the course lessons

  • Lifetime Access

    You'll be able to come back and review your content at any point.

  • Free 30-Min Consultation

    Includes a 30min complementary Vorrei Consulting Strategic Management consultation