The Zen Art of Business

"The Zen Art of Business" is an all encompassing programmatic experience for any entrepreneur who wants to learn about the inside life of entrepreneurship & business. 

This course experience offers 3 types of ways to learn:  





In the Podcast program, you will hear real talks about being an entrepreneur covering topics from: 

  • Early stages of startup life
  • Successful client engagements
  • Setting & Tracking Company milestones
  • Successful New Product launches
  • Navigating investor funding rounds
  • The In's & Out's of Business acquisitions

"The Zen Art of Business" brings you exposure to real entrepreneurs talking about the pains, the struggles, the ups and the downs, the curve balls and the real emotions one faces on this journey. This program will provide tips and strategies from entrepreneurs who've been there, in the trenches and interviews with real CEO's currently running successful businesses in 2020.

"The Zen Art of Business " will also offer weekly high-light reel content from the Alchemy by Mastermind connect - "Be Well, Stay Well" Business improvement sessions, providing group calls that cover weekly talks walking men through different business tools to help them step up their game.


Be Well, Stay Well is a 90 day transformation program with the express purpose of helping men enhance their bodies, minds, spirits, businesses and by extension, their lives.  Weekly content supported by supplemental learning modules and interactive spaces provide both community and accountability. 

"Be Well, Stay Well" program offerings:

Yoga & Meditation EveryDaye by Tyrone Daye - Morning Yoga sessions to clear the spirit and stay physically sharp. 

Wholly Men Self Mastery by Omar Davis - A weekly round table and virtual guided meditation with Omar Davis. We will manifest a new goal every week and have heart to heart discussions surrounding Manhood, Family and personal feelings.

Goal setting with Intention by Talib Jasir - Life coaching and Planning for the ahead with intention. This is all about goal setting and accountability check-in. We set individual and group goals while sharing virtually what we’ve accomplished. 

Direct your Sail - Heath & Wellness by Raphael Velazquez Indoor workout and fitness routines with Raphael Velazquez. Raph will choose a different workout every week so we can continue to challenge ourselves.

The Zen Art of Business Masterclass by Arvell Anthony - A business masterclass designed to help one level up in the area of business. We discuss how to incorporate a "Zen" approach to business when engaging, creating, promoting or operating your business. The practices discussed within this course transfer over to one's daily life practices, tying together the essence of spirituality (non-religious) and business, thus allowing you to approach all areas of your life with a Zen, Strategic mindset.  

BizMind Academy is proud to partner with Mastermind Connect and be a part of the "Be well, Stay Well" Men's health & wellness program.

For full access to the sessions of the "Be Well, Stay well" program, you will need to become a member of Alchemy by Mastermind Connect.

The Zen Art of Business Experience

Podcast & Youtube video series (click below)

Week 1 – Mind Strategy, Mind Discipline & Mind Habit - Welcome to Week 1 of the Zen Art of Business podcast, entitled "Mind Strategy, Mind Discipline & Mind Habit". In this week, we discuss the mind, habits and foundations (and include a short snippet of the Alchemy Zoom call session from the Zen Art of Business Masterclass). 

Week 2 – Time Management - The basis for proper entrepreneurship - Welcome to Week 2 of the Zen Art of Business podcast, entitled "Time Management - The basis for proper entrepreneurship." In this week, we discuss How Time Management affects entrepreneurs and why proper time management is important (and include a short snippet of the Alchemy Zoom call session from the Zen Art of Business Masterclass).

Week 3 – Business Plan – Topics and Overview - Welcome to Week 3 of the Zen Art of Business podcast, entitled Business Plan - Topics and Overview, In this week we discuss a High Level overview of the BizMind Academy Simple Business Plan Strategy and the steps required for an effective business plan (and include a short snippet of the Alchemy Zoom call session from the Zen Art of Business Masterclass).

Week 4 – Special Guest InterviewWelcome to Week 4 of the Zen Art of Business podcast, CEO INTERVIEW WEEK - Special Guest star... TBD.