Chani Birkner

CEO of Happy Healthy Empath

Chani is the founder of Happy Healthy Empath. Chani considers herself an extroverted introvert, and as a People-Loving Empath, has spent her life-time figuring out how to be around those she loves (and even those she doesn’t) without losing herself in the process. She has shared her tools with thousands of people, taught classes in the hundreds.

Course curriculum

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    1. Intro to True Shield - Protecting Your Personal Space Overview Video

    2. Intro True Shield - Protecting Your Personal Space Overview Coursework

    1. Recap of True Shield Course Material

    1. Conclusion

    2. A message from your instructor

    1. Free copy of the "True Shield" Course E-book

    2. Bonus Gift - Coupon - 20% Off on BizMind Phases of a Business Launch Course

    3. Free Bonus Gift - Coupon - 1 Hour Strategic Management Consultation with Vorrei Consulting

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