Building Your Progress And Happiness Entirely On How Your Brain Works For You

You can be successful and happy or successful and unhappy. The difference is in how you measure your progress. STAY IN THE POSITIVE ZONE The way you measure your progress can make all the difference between a happy entrepreneurial career and one that is chronically unhappy. In The Gap And The Gain, Dan Sullivan shares a simple strategy for staying positive, happy, and motivated so you can achieve your biggest goals.

Course curriculum

    1. BizMind Academy Intro

    2. Introduction to Course Material

    3. Survey - Before you begin...

    4. 101 - Intro to Critical Thinking - The Gap & The Gain

    1. 01 How Your Brain Works

    1. 02 Measurement Creates Progress

    1. 03 Ideals Can't Be Achieved

    1. 04 Only Measure Backward

    1. 05 Stay Out Of The Gap

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